Project Description

Planlagt kjøp
Planlagt kjøp

Craftbot 3 – The Supervisor

En profesjonell to-hodet 3D printer. Muliggjør utskrift av to individuelle deler samtidig, eller en enkelt del bestående av to materialer/farger.

Maskinen vil bli styrt fra en tilkoblet PC med praktisk programvare («octoprint» eller «repetier server»), tilgjengelig via medlemmets personlige brukerkonto. Det vil bli mulig å følge med på print-jobben via web-kamera og få oversikt over prosessen i form av tekst-feedback. I tillegg til info om en pågående jobb vil det være mulig å simulere/visualisere jobb-instruksjonen (gcode) før oppstart. Dette muliggjør enkel planlegging av tid og materialer.

Fra produsentens nettside:

CraftBot3, the first 3D Printer with filament monitoring system was designed for everyone who wants to avoid wasted time and money.

The two separated printer heads make it possible to print two objects at a time, as well as PVA printing that makes printing object supports an easy task as you can simply dissolve the support in water after printing is finished

The filament monitoring system (FMS) of the new CraftBot3 supervises filament consumption, starts immediate troubleshooting when a filament jam is detected and messages the user in case there’s a need for intervention.

  • New motor control for quiet printing Thanks to the new motor control, 3D printing is quieter than ever.
  • Full metal hotend CraftBot3 is able to print at a temperature as high as 300°C, making it perfect to use with more special filaments as well.
  • Led status indicator The new 3D printer by CraftBot uses different colored LED status indicators to signal the current status of printing that can be customized for an even better experience.
  • High accuracy ball screws CraftBot3 is equipped with high-accuracy ball screws that makes the printing quality even more astounding.
  • Built-in counter Logs the time of operation and filament usage
  • Optimized object cooling technology The modified object cooling technology of the CraftBot3 makes quality printing of even the smallest objects a breeze.
  • The removable horizontal platform makes servicing the printer faster and more efficient.
  • Heatable & removable build pletform Heating prevents warping and sticking. Removable build platform is easier to clean.
  • Print pause & resume function You can pause or resume printing and change the filament any time. Even blackouts are no longer an issue!
  • Wifi connectivity With apps available for iOS and Android devices, users can upload 3D projects to their CraftBot3, start and stop the printing process, control the heat settings.
  • Printing accuary – up to 50 micron CraftBot3 is capable of 50 micron/layer resolution (with 0.25 mm nozzle) providing excellent print quality.